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Elizabeth has 25 years of business  experience in management, leadership and entrepreneurship . Elizabeth started her career at the age of 13 within her father’s janitorial company. By the age of 16, Elizabeth was supervisor, manager at 18 and bought the company at the age 21. Elizabeth expanded the company from 18 to 35 employees and extended it to two other townships. She also completed a small business degree, which added to her leadership, management and accounting skills. She continued to her accounting education and was able to put it to good use as a young councillor of Manitouwadge, where she sat as vice-chair of budget. Elizabeth is on Town councillor in Manitouwadge through the closing of their major employer. She was instrumental in layout the foundation and starting the change process for the future of the community. Elizabeth continued to help many other businesses to strengthen their business fundaments and reach their business goals. She helps janitorial business grow 5-15% while managing their budget and training exciting staff.  Elizabeth has leadership and management experience in emergency services, as she was an assisted manager/ trainer for 15-35 people of two different private emergency services companies. Elizabeth continues to trainer, coach and teaches CEOs, administers, managers and entrepreneurs how to manage their staff, manage finances and support upcoming leader to achieve business greatness.


This is an opportunity to hear from 9 Leaders, Entrepreneurs and Speakers with diverse back rounds. They offer you advice practical take away and their experience to lead through obstacles and move forward. – All inn one platform, one day, 100% FREE! 

Your chance to discover how you can improve your leadership and be a leader worth following. Who you always wanted to be!

Connect with leading experts. Connect with like-minded leaders and people who want to impact their organization positively.

This is a rare opportunity to learn from top experts and walk away with tangible tools to lead through difficult times. Knowledge + Experience = Success

Everyone knows that your network is your net worth. Begin your path with a community of leaders committed to their organization as much as you are committed to your organization.


An inspiring mix of leaders, entrepreneurs and speakers with proven keys and experiences teaching you to confidently lead through difficulties.

Abe Brown, MBA

Abe Brown, MBA, CMCT, CPHSA is the Coach’s Coach, and is an Entrepreneur, Professional Speaker, International Best-Selling Author, and High-Performance Leadership Coach. He is also the President of the Certified Coaches Federation, which is one of the top Life and Executive Coaching organizations in the world, the President of the Healthy Wealthy and Wise Corporation, the CEO of Wellness Innovate Corp, and the CEO of Momentum Coaching.

Jeanne Martinson

Jeanne Martinson is a bestselling Canadian author and diversity strategist. She holds a diploma in Organizational Behaviour from Heriot Watt University in the UK and a graduate degree in Leadership from Royal Roads University in Canada. Her three most recent books on diversity  are From Away – Immigration to Effective Workplace Integration, Generation Y and the New Work Ethic and Tossing the Tiara – Keys to Creating Powerful Women Leaders. Her two most recent leadership books are Change Management Lessons from Downton Abbey and Leadership Lessons From Downton Abbey.  To learn more about Jeanne and her diversity and leadership research, see

After coaching authors across Canada and the United States on the publishing models revealed in her book, Hemingway or Twain? Unleashing your Author Personality, she launched Wood Dragon Books. This hybrid indie press assists authors in taking their book from idea to bookstore shelf.

Alan Willet

Alan Willett is the master of the “friction points” of organizations highly dependent on technology. This ranges from organizations that create world-class software products to the organization that use those products to create their own competitive advantage. What is a friction point? It is the space where the technology needs and the business needs meet, sometimes with harmony and often with discordant collisions. Either way there is always heat generated. Alan is the expert who transforms organizational friction points to produce positive results for the business and the people that create and use the technology.

Claire Belanger-Parker

Claire Belanger-Parker is an advocate for Saskatchewan. With a prolific career that began in tourism and event management, she is now focusing her talent and attention in leading associations to success.

Following an eight-year career at Radio-Canada Saskatchewan, Claire Bélanger-Parker built CNT Management Group (CNT) to international success by bringing delegates, events, and recognition from around the world home to Saskatchewan.

Claire has received accolades for her contributions winning the 2013 “Business of the Year” award from the Saskatchewan Lauriers de la PME and was a finalist for the Canadian Lauriers de la PME in 2014. In 2009, she was named a Woman of Distinction for Entrepreneurship for the YWCA’s Women of Distinction awards. Claire’s legacy of excellence has also been recognized by the Regina Chamber of Commerce with a Paragon Award and is a two-time recipient of the Tourism Saskatchewan Award of Excellence. Claire is dedicated to professional development, currently completing her CAE (Canadian Association Executive) and working toward her PMP (Project Management Professional). She is committed to facilitating and advancing diversity & inclusion and Indigenous engagement in our society.

Scott Carson

Scott Carson is the founder of and partner at Storm Applied Technologies, an web-based software development firm with international reach and based out of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. Scott started Storm in 2004 as the dust settled on the dot-com bubble burst and he saw an opportunity to help small businesses navigate the whirlwind of technology. Most importantly, Storm was founded on a client relationship business model, which has endured for over 16 years. Today, the Storm team – the best in the world, as Scott will quickly inform anyone – delivers software that empowers organizations, and Scott takes great satisfaction in watching clients cheer at a successful project.

Scott balances business life with athletics and community service. His life passion is martial arts, to which he is the head instructor of Shaolin Dragon Kenpo School. Further, he is a national certified tennis instructor, a dragon boat coach, and a certified teacher of English to speakers of other languages. Scott’s vast board experience includes Kiwanis Club of ReginaUniversity of Regina Alumni Assoc.Tennis SaskatchewanRegina Business Development ClubAll Nations Healin’ Thru Artz, and his community association. Such expansive networks have inspired Scott, alongside his business partner and lifelong friend, Brad Zakreski, to motivate crowds young and old. Together, they created a city-wide award for youth who contribute to their community, they hosted a free community festival , “Storming the Island”, and they designed & donated a mural for the 100th Anniversary of Kiwanis.

Jennifer Salter

Jennifer is the Creative Business Coach of Every Day Boss. She believes that everyone deserves to live their best life, right here and right now, and that it’s possible with the right mindset. Jennifer helps entrepreneurs identify their dreams to make them a reality. She starts by building a solid foundation of core values, intentional goals, and routines that are mapped into an action plan so that her clients are focusing on the right direction — to success.

Jennifer has nearly a decade of blogging experience with her lifestyle website Busy Being Jennifer. She’s also the mastermind behind Jayne Media, a digital content marketing business, that delivers high-level content curation and social media management. In her spare time, Jennifer is busy creating hand-sewn goods for her Etsy shop. When she indulges a few moments to herself, she enjoys cozy corners with a great book and a steaming hot cup of coffee.

Chef Charles M Carroll, CEC AAC HGT

Recognized by 5 past U.S presidents, 8-time Culinary Olympian, and award-winning author of three books. Chef Charles Carroll is an icon in team building and leadership communications.

Host of The Recipe Podcast partnered with Chefs Roll; Chef Charles has received over 90 national and international awards. He sits on many boards and committees, and has been honored at dozens of colleges. Two of his three books are being used as curriculum in over 80 schools in the U.S, and the third has been optioned for a movie. One of Carroll’s most proud moments was creating and producing “Operation HOT” (Honoring Our Troops) in 2011, and in 2013. Chef assembled a team of 21 celebrities and support, raised $450,000, assembled 30,000 lbs. of show gear, produced a total of 8 shows, and fed 8,000 troops a home cooked meal in the middle of a war zone in Afghanistan.

Sky Jarrett

Sky Jarrett is a Transformational Leadership Coach and Mindfulness Instructor helping parent leaders stress less and live more! With combined expertise in brain-science, mindfulness, and leadership effectiveness, Sky supports her clients in cultivating the mind skills to unlock deep, life-changing personal transformation.

Having travelled the world supporting and speaking to parents, corporate leaders, and community members across Europe, Asia, North America, the Caribbean, and Latin America for clients like Google, Enterprise, Carnival Cruise Line, Blue Cross Blue Shield, hp, and others, Sky has made it her life work to continue spreading her expertise, life lessons, and the gifts of mindfulness beyond the corporate walls.

Sky believes in living a life of meaning… one that leaves an imprint in the hearts, minds, and souls of the parent leaders she is honored to serve.

Rebecca Haydon

Rebecca is a qualified Mindset and Confidence Coach, with a Masters in Hypnotherapy and NLP & Keynote Speaking. Through Coaching, Hypnotherapy and NLP, she helps her clients to rewire their subconscious thoughts and create behavioural changes so that they can reach their goals and step into their superpower. Her real passion, specialisation and focus is helping ambitious female leaders and entrepreneurs create unstoppable confidence, so they can sell high ticket with ease, show up as a CEO, and create more visibility through videos. 


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